Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dear Santa a Grimm Stocking please! 200 Years of Grimm

 I would love Santa to put in a First Edition copy of the Grimm's Fairy Tales in each stocking, but as that may be a tad tricky and not all of us can speak German, here is a few alternative suggestions (PLEASE excuse mistakes,  was having a particularly bad dyslexic day!)...

So, Thank-You Santa, for Listening to all our #Book_in_Every_Stocking suggestions. Please take heed and use our suggestions to fine the right book for every child (no matter how old!).

Thanks everyone for stopping by and supporting the Book In Every Stocking Campaign. Please Tweet / FaceBook;#Book_in_Every_Stocking to support us, and maybe Tweet your Stocking Book Filler Suggestion for Santa Too!


Happy Birthday all Grimm Folk!
Merry Christmas One and All!

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