Friday 21 December 2012

Giving Santa a Helping Hand, Bringing a Book to Poverty Stricken Kids This Xmas…

Over the past month I've had the pleasure of having many fantastic readers and writers join me in my Campaign to get Santa to put a book in every stocking, by writing to the Man-in-Red suggesting stocking filler books. It’s been great fun reading peoples letters to Santa as we all believe that ALL children love reading it’s just that some haven’t found the right book yet, so helping Father Christmas find the right book for each stocking has been very rewarding.

However it is a sad truth that some children are poverty stricken and can’t afford even a stocking to hang for Santa to fill. These children are amongst us, and we probably pass them every day. These children may well not receive any gifts as their parents can barely afford to put food on the table, let alone buy presents. As we all know Santa's Sat-Nav locks on to stockings, so he may be liable to miss these children altogether.  

So it’s time for us to give Santa a helping hand! Today I ventured in to Oxford, to the Blackwell’s Book Shop, as I had heard a rumour of Christmas goodwill.  Goodwill, I found in the form of the ‘Children’s Book Tree’ in the children’s department. The Children’s Book Tree has tags on it, and has a description of a child, (gender, age, reading ability & likes) that is from a disadvantaged back ground, who otherwise would not get any Christmas presents. You can pick a tag off the tree and buy a book, for that child. The book is then gift wrapped and the gift tag (that you write a message on) attached and delivered to the child.

I love this idea and chose a tag for a ‘Six year old girl who loves to laugh’, therefore buying ‘Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head’ by Kjartan Poskitt and David Tazzyman. Whilst paying for the book I spoke to the lovely sales assistant who told me that they have already sold, wrapped and distributed over 270 books. She then pointed out a healthy stack of wrapped books ready to be delivered and a pile of new tags to be hung on the tree. Apparently the initiative has been so successful you can now order ‘Children’s Book Tree’ gifts on-line  so press here to find out more or call 0131 6228225alternatively if you’re local to Oxford pop in to make sure a child that would otherwise go without gets a gift this Christmas.


I also discovered another Christmas Goodwill book initiative at the end of my road, this is a Christmas Book Crossing tree. This tree periodically gets transformed into a book tree by one of our village residents, so that children can pick off a book, read it and pass it on.  

What a great idea, so maybe if your children have any books they no longer want you could wrap them up, and hang them on a tree for other children to take, you never know it may make a child’s Christmas!

So please help Santa and spread a bit of Christmas goodwill by making sure every child gets a book this Christmas


Thursday 20 December 2012

Dear Santa a Grimm Stocking please! 200 Years of Grimm

 I would love Santa to put in a First Edition copy of the Grimm's Fairy Tales in each stocking, but as that may be a tad tricky and not all of us can speak German, here is a few alternative suggestions (PLEASE excuse mistakes,  was having a particularly bad dyslexic day!)...

So, Thank-You Santa, for Listening to all our #Book_in_Every_Stocking suggestions. Please take heed and use our suggestions to fine the right book for every child (no matter how old!).

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Happy Birthday all Grimm Folk!
Merry Christmas One and All!

200 Today! Happy Birthday; Hans My Hedgehog, Red Riding Hood, Bearskin all Grimm Folk!

200 Year's old today! On the 20th December 1812 Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm First published their, 'Kinder- und Hausmärchen' / Childhood and Household Tales, which now iconically known as the Grimm's Fairy Tales. 

I am Uber Excitied about this fanastic anniversary, and will be back later today with a Grimm inspired #Book_in_Every_Stocking blog, so please come back and check it out later this afternoon!

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Dawn Finch's Stocking Filling Suggestion for Santa...

I'm delighted to have yet another published writer on the blog today supporting the #Book_in_Every_Stocking campaign. Today’s author is uniquely qualified to recommend books as she is also a Librarian. So welcome and a big thank you to Dawn Finch…

Dawn Finch is the author of the ghostly fantasy for 11+ readers – Brotherhood of Shades - pub Harper Collins (authonomy), for more info press here. It is out now in e-edition (all formats) and in print 2013. Sadly it on in a physical form to go in this years stocking, but SANTA - it can be a great book to give anyone who is getting a e-reader for Christmas...

...and next year it'll be in traditional book form, ideal for stockings!

Thanks everyone for checking out the blog and supporting our campaign to get Santa to put a book in every stocking. If you want to support us further, then comments leaving your book stocking filler suggestion for Santa.  Please remember that the louder we shout the more likely the big man in red is likely to here us in the north pole, so please tweet and Facebook...


Monday 17 December 2012

Dougal Trump's Book Stocking Filler Choice for Santa

I'm over the moon that Dougal Trump, freshly from a controversial performance of an inn-keeper at his school nativity, has found time to suggest a book stocking filler for Santa. Dougal is especially busy as he also works with, ‘Her’ Jackie Marchant, to pen his books. His first book; ‘ I'm Dougal Trump and It’s Not My Fault’ is out now, and is a perfect stocking filler for small people who love to laugh! 

You can follow Dougal on Facebook and Twitter or visit his website

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Friday 14 December 2012

Jo Wyton's Suggestion for a Book in Every Stocking...

Jo Wyton writes contemporary books for teens and was one of the winners of Undiscovered Voices 2012, with her novel ‘Magpie.’ Jo is represented by Molly Ker Hawn of The Bent Agency and is currently working on her next book, ‘Dirt Dog.’ Lets hope Santa puts a book deal in her stocking as well as books! 

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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Stocking Book Suggestion from Catherine Friess - It's Pants!

Catherine is a teacher, translator, aspiring picture book writer and mother to a four year old. She also blogs at Story Snug where she recommends picture books (mostly) to expats, new parents and non-native English speakers (or anybody who loves picture books!). Catherine doesn't review books; she makes recommendations all of which are books that she and her daughter enjoy.

To find out more about the books that Catherine and her daughter love, visit the Story Snug by Pressing Here.

Thanks for stopping by, and please comeback to see more great book stocking-filler suggestions. Please feel free to comment and let us know your suggestion for a fab stocking filler book, and we will pass it on to Santa!

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In the spirit of Panta Claus! 

Monday 10 December 2012

Book In Every Stocking; Book Suggestion by Mo O'Hara...

Mo O’Hara made the journey across ‘The Big Pond’ from the USA to the UK, where she made her home, and had a previous theatrical life. A storyteller to the core, Mo found her vocation as a writer, her début novel; ‘My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’ is out in March 2013 published by Pan McMillan.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’, is the adventures of Tom and his pet fish Frankie.  Everything takes a sinister and hilarious turn when Tom’s, evil scientist big brother, uses Frankie in an experiment with radioactive-gunge.  Tom saves his fishy friend by bringing him back form the dead with a battery, but Frankie has changed; he’s a zombie goldfish and he wants revenge! 

Sadly, 'My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish' is not available for stockings this year Santa.  However listen up Easter Bunny, its out just in time, for Easter! 

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Saturday 8 December 2012

A Book in Every Stocking! Book Suggestion by Alex

Alex is eight years old,  he enjoys reading and like all eight-year old boys has a healthy obsession with all things Lego!

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Thursday 6 December 2012

A Book in Every Stocking - Paula Harrison

A Book in Every Stocking


Paula Harrison

Paula Harrison is the author of one of my Small People's favourite series of books; The Rescue Princesses. The Rescue Princesses are a group of princesses who tired of getting dressed up and attending balls, secretly learn ninja skills, and use them to save animals in peril. 

Paula’s first book, The Rescue Princesses; ‘The Secret Promise’, came out in April, and was quickly followed by,  ‘The Wishing Pearl’,  ‘The Moonlit Mystery’ and  ‘The Stolen Crystals’.  The next Rescue Princesses daring adventure,’ The Snow Pearl’, is published in January.

To find out more about Paula’s books (that also make great stocking fillers Santa!) press here. 

Please come back and check out the the other book stocking filler suggestions!

# Book_in_every_stocking

Please check out Read It Daddy's Book In Every Stocking post on his blog by Pressing Here

Wednesday 5 December 2012

A Book In Every Stocking Poem - by Elli

The campaign lobbing Santa to 'Put a Book in Every Stocking' is gaining momentum.  Here we have a beautiful poem in support of the campaign by Elli, please check out her site for more heart-warming poems by pressing here. 

A Book in Every Stocking

What’s in this stocking? What’s in this stocking?
It’s really appalling, it’s dreadful, it’s shocking!
Open it up. Go take a look.
Plenty of toys but not one single book!
Lots of cheap plastic which may look fantastic
Until it gets bust the next day.
Battery-powered toys which make plenty of noise
They’re horrible – take them away!
What’s in this stocking? What’s in this stocking?
It’s really appalling, it’s dreadful, it’s shocking!
Mass-produced tat. Look at all that!
It will only amuse for a while.
What children need is a book they can read
To give them a long-lasting smile.
What’s in this stocking? What’s in this stocking?
It’s really appalling, it’s dreadful, it’s shocking!
Please Father Christmas, please little elves,
Just give us some books we can put on our shelves!

© Elli Woollard 2012

Thanks so much Elli! 

Starting tomorrow we will have suggestion to Santa of books which will make great stocking fillers, by authors, librarians' children and many other book loving folk. So please do remember to come back and see what books are added to the stockings!

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Monday 3 December 2012

My Christmas wish – A Book in Every Stocking!

It’s December, I know this because last night my husband and I sat beside the fire and watched ‘The Nightmare before Christmas,’ whilst drinking sherry and eating mince pies!  Yes its advent, and the small people have been writing there letters to Santa, and present lists for us.

I was thinking what would be on my letter to Santa?

1.       Agent – don’t think Santa can help with that!
2.       Publisher – Even less likely!

Then only one other came up and it’s not for me, but for all the small people who hang up there stockings on Christmas Eve….

My wish is that every child has a book or comic in their stocking,  that’ll actually make them want to pick it up and read it. So that what I've written on my letter to Santa.

I know that Santa may not have time to make lots of new books, but he can pop out and get some maybe from an indie book shop see link to my favourite indie book shop Mostly Books here. Or if he’s tight of cash he could try a charity shop or a cheap in line book seller like Banana Books see link.

If you would like to see this too, why not tweet or Facebook; #Dear_Santa_Book_in_every_Stocking.