Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Book in Every Stocking - Paula Harrison

A Book in Every Stocking


Paula Harrison

Paula Harrison is the author of one of my Small People's favourite series of books; The Rescue Princesses. The Rescue Princesses are a group of princesses who tired of getting dressed up and attending balls, secretly learn ninja skills, and use them to save animals in peril. 

Paula’s first book, The Rescue Princesses; ‘The Secret Promise’, came out in April, and was quickly followed by,  ‘The Wishing Pearl’,  ‘The Moonlit Mystery’ and  ‘The Stolen Crystals’.  The next Rescue Princesses daring adventure,’ The Snow Pearl’, is published in January.

To find out more about Paula’s books (that also make great stocking fillers Santa!) press here. 

Please come back and check out the the other book stocking filler suggestions!

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  1. Such a brilliant entry, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' still remains one of 'those' books I can't wait to properly share with my daughter when she's a bit older. I usually completely ignore all the daft consipracy stuff and alt-theories that people have latched onto C.S Lewis' masterpiece, it's still such a brilliant adventure.

    We are fully behind the 'a book in every stocking' movement and we've done a little post on it here:

  2. Hi ReaditDaddy,

    Thanks for getting behind the campaign! If enough of us support it hopefully Santa can find the right book for every child! Great blog entry, on your site today!

  3. I wonder if there's a fully illustrated version out there. wouldn't it be great!

  4. Brilliant blog idea, Sally and great choice, Paula
    Go Rescue Princesses! Go!

  5. HI Candy and Jan, thanks for stopping by! Please spread the work #Book_in_Every_Stocking

  6. Hi Sally, thanks for having me on your blog! It was actually really hard to choose just one book, but I stand by my choice!

  7. Hi Paula, Thanks so much for your stocking filler book suggestion - really appreciated! Great choice too. My Dad is very dyslexic and has only read a few books and the C S Lewis Narnia series is among them. Which is a testament to the strength of the story, that its worth persevering through even when reading is difficult!