Monday 8 October 2012

Let’s Celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week 8th-14th October 2012

Let’s Celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week 8th-14th October 2012

Dyslexia is far from something to be ashamed of, people who are dyslexic use their minds in a slightly different way to non-dyslexics, and this it’s self is something to be celebrated. Many of the most loved and inspired writers throughout the years have been dyslexic, see illustration.

With dyslexic’s using our minds in a different way, we can often see thing differently creating interesting and unique stories, and that’s what really matters.

That I can't spell is a great irritant to people having to deal with my manuscripts, but it's the ideas that count."
Sally Gardner Award Winning author of ‘I Coriander’

There is now even a publishing imprint the RASP that specialise in publishing works penned by dyslexics.  

That’s not to say that Dyslexics don’t have difficulties we do, most notably spelling see my, Notes from the Slushpile blog for more Press Here…

But spelling can be corrected, and with the right support dyslexics can find ways to manage these obstacles. The British Dyslexia Association for example is running a campaign for appropriate and adequate training in dyslexia for teachers to help their cause press here to sign their petition.

Spreading awareness about dyslexia and recognising dyslexics earlier, so they can be assisted to find coping mechanisms and fully meet their intellectual potential is surely a worthwhile cause, not just for those who will become writers but to those destined to be engineers, doctors, teachers and so on.  

So please get involved help spread Dyslexic awareness, and sign the petition. Also why not celebrate dyslexic writers – why not pick up a book by a dyslexic writer (for a list of dyslexic writers Press Here) and read it this week, maybe even Tweet or Facebook about it.

So it’s time...

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  1. I know several dyslexic people and am aware of some of the problems they can face. It is important to raise awareness, great post.

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for reading, and commenting. Yes I believe that DAW is worth shouting about - it's a really worthwhile cause!



  3. I'm just catching up Sally, YES great post. I've signed the petition.