Monday 10 December 2012

Book In Every Stocking; Book Suggestion by Mo O'Hara...

Mo O’Hara made the journey across ‘The Big Pond’ from the USA to the UK, where she made her home, and had a previous theatrical life. A storyteller to the core, Mo found her vocation as a writer, her début novel; ‘My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’ is out in March 2013 published by Pan McMillan.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’, is the adventures of Tom and his pet fish Frankie.  Everything takes a sinister and hilarious turn when Tom’s, evil scientist big brother, uses Frankie in an experiment with radioactive-gunge.  Tom saves his fishy friend by bringing him back form the dead with a battery, but Frankie has changed; he’s a zombie goldfish and he wants revenge! 

Sadly, 'My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish' is not available for stockings this year Santa.  However listen up Easter Bunny, its out just in time, for Easter! 

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