Friday 21 January 2022

Resolutions Déjà vu!

So another year - be it three weeks in! Another list of resolutions. But this year I’ve shaken mine up.

A few years ago we started a new family tradition. We go out for brunch between Christmas and New Year (pandemic permitting) and we all write our ‘aims’ for the New Year. We than create a family list of New Year resolutions, along with our individual ones.

My individual list is always the same. A rehash of every previous year. There are some differences, depending on what’s going on, like this year which is a BIG EXAM year for both kids, so I have ‘support kids through exams. And ‘Help them tradition to their next step’. But my person stuff is always the same. ‘Eat better’. ‘Look after myself’.

My writer’s resolutions could be copy and pasted from any year. In fact whilst brunching we found my New Year’s Resolutions form 2017, they included…

  • Finishing editing book.
  • Enter more competitions. – (get long-listed!)
  • Submit to agents - (sign with agent!)
  • Submit to publishers – (sign a contract!)
  • Read more
  • Blog more.
  • Attend more writer events.
  • Social media.

In fact these were EXACTLY the same as I had written down for 2022 –well apart from the book I’m editing is different – but other than that identical. Actually it is pretty much a carbon-copy of every New Year’s resolutions list I’ve done since 2011.

This is actually rather depressing. It means that for over a decade I haven’t actually achieved any of my resolutions. So for 2022 I have decided to simplify. Obviously I still have my list of aims and dreams, but I only have one resolution, which is simply…

Be move creative!

Why? Creativity is good for the imaginations - it feeds it, which is great for a writer and it’s good for mental health.


Well in September I succumbed to Covid. It was horrible. So was the isolation. One of the things that got me through it with my sanity in fact was drawing. This is a return to my roots, as I studied Art and originally came to the world of kids lit by a desire to illustrate. Re-embracing this part of me really made me happier.

So my resolution for 2022 sis be more creative. Simple. Achievable. Of course I am still writing and pursuing publication, but hopefully when 2023 rolls around I will have at least one resolution that I’ve nailed!

Happy New Year too you all. Good luck with you resolutions, dreams and aims for 2022! We can do it together!