Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Writers Worries, a Whimsical post about Waist Lines and Word Counts

So it February, and everyone is smugly sticking to their new year resolutions or failing them miserably, but what if your resolutions directly conflict with one another?

Rather predictably as a writer one of my resolutions is: Write More.
But as a woman whose hit a certain age my new year’s resolutions also includes: lose weight.

These two seemingly sensible resolutions are actually at odds with each other. Why? Because losing weight means culling calories and exercising. But it is universally known that writers are fuelled on coffee and cake, and I’m not running on unleaded black Americanos. No, I drink full leaded lattes! Plus writing is a lot of time sitting, typing or scribbling in notepads.

Like most writers I find that there’s a direct correlation between the consumption of coffee and cake and rising word count.

I’m faced with a predicament; how to lose weight and gain words?

So, as I’m here nibbling on my lettuce and wondering how I’ll get the energy to type, if you are a writery folk, please do send tips on how you keep your waist lines trim and your word counts healthy.


  1. How about you walk to a cafe, far far away, at least 40 minutes away. Then, after your watered, caked and have written many words, walk back again! That should count for something!

  2. Thanks Candy, Wise words indeed!