Saturday 15 October 2011

The Slushpile

I’m on the slushpile….
…and it feels great!
No, I don’t mean the slushpile at the foot of an agent’s desk, that’s turning into a landslide threatening to engulf any unsuspecting assistant who doesn’t watch their step. I mean the fantastic blog ‘Notes from the Slushpile.’
Notes from the Slushpile is a blog that every aspiring writer should follow. It’s run by an enthusiastic team of authors, published and unpublished, who share their own experiences and tips, plus other interesting information about the industry.
The team at the slushpile have most kindly let me do a guest blog about the trials of being a dyslexic writer. So please check it out... Notes from the Slushpile


  1. Yay! Thank you for your brilliant contribution, Sally! AND congratulations again for getting on the Undiscovered Voices longlist!

  2. Thanks Candy, it was a pleasure.

    I'm sooo excited about UV, it hardly feels real!