Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Writers Survival Kit

What in My Writers Survival Kit?
·    Thick Skin
·    Stubbornness
·    Copious amounts of caffeine, Coffee, Tea, Coke, intravenous drip anyone?
·    A large stash of unhealthy snacks, chocolate, cake, crisps.
·    Note Pad, to accompany you everywhere, in case you have an idea, or hear something that can be useful.
·    Pen – get one you really like, sound odd, but if you like it it’ll be kind to you.
·    Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Google – all for spelling. Google search bar being the best dictionary in the world!
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·    Microsoft Excel –a great tool for plotting, character profiling, and loads of other technical writing bits.
·    Friends, not you usual ones, they’ll get board of your constant writing and book talk. You need to get friends that share your interest – join a critique group.  My friends are great. Hello friends form Abingdon Writers and SCBWI (you know who you are!)

Writing philosophy
That writing is a calling, a vocation, it must be a passion. Especially if your dyslexic!

Writing Truths

Me – Author it’s my baby!
It takes more than one person to write a book. So far TME has taken…
My Family – bless their patience

My Friends – Especially Louise, for a well-timed grammar lesson
My Editor – Who currently working to make sure my manuscript is in a standard form of English, instead of my own version
My Critique Group – Bless everyone, for their comments advice and honesty.
Storytellers – My book is fairytale based, which would not be possible without the thousands of storytellers who passed these stories down the generations and centuries.
Collectors – All the dedicated 19th century folk, who travelled the world collecting, and writing down fairytales, preserving them for all generations to come.
And I‘ve not even navigated my way through the slushpile or been published yet, so that should add a few more people. So all in all I’d say that it defiantly takes more than one person to write a book.

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