Thursday 7 March 2024

World Book Day 2024, Celebrating as a Pre-Published Author with no Small Children (anymore!)

World Book Day 2024, Celebrating as a Pre-Published Author with no Small Children (anymore!)

Happy World Book Day everyone!

World Book Day in years gone past was a big thing on our family calendar. Me writing, and immersed in the kid’s lit world, and two bookworm children excited about all the school WBD festivities. It was grand, read more [press here]

But then the kids grew up so no more WBD dressing up scrambles, and me still being unpublished, having no events to attend. This can be difficult as it really makes the notion of success as a writer seem binary, published v’s non-published, as everywhere on social media there are authors doing events. I have in the past years used the days to dream how I would do an author event if I were published but it can be lonely [press here to read more], so this year I decided to be proactive.

So my World book Day 2024 plan is…

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  • Having been on the booksellers end of WBD, I decided to give a WBD Bookseller’s Survival Care Package to my local Indy bookshop.

  • As I am literally across the road from a pre-school, and I make story sacks, I made and delivered a mammoth themed story sack for them which I will deliver on the day.

  • I am going to spend some time doing reviews on Amazon /Goodreads for books I read recently.

For me…

  • I have a virtual coffee scheduled with another author/illustrator, to raise a cup of some caffeinated substance in celebration.

  • I will read. Read with abandon, without guilt that I could or should be doing something else!

  • A trip to a bookshop.

So that is my World Book Day shorted. What are you doing?

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