Tuesday 28 April 2020

Keeping the Faith – Creating Little Inspirational Books of Writery Hope

Keeping the faith can be difficult times, and especially presently whilst the world in in chaos and we are all in lockdown, looking at the same four walls, and inspiration being hard to come by. 

I think most writers and illustrators, who are pre-published, get low points even when the world is normal (or as normal as it gets anyway). We have the moments of despair when our confidence dips, and we wonder; will I ever catch a break? Am I good enough? Will I EVER get PUBLISHED! Is there any point?

It normal to have these times, after all we’re in a business where there a whole lot of NO. NO’s are always hard, no matter how experienced you may be at rejection.

I often take great comfort from quotes. Things people have said or stories about writers who resilience has paid off. Often on social media other writers share these inspirational quotes, I print them off and stick them to my notice board.

However a few months ago the whole of critique group were all having trouble with keep up the faith. So I decided to share with them all the little inspirational quotes that help encourage me. I made a book full of these quotes, for each member of the group (and one for me too). 

It was simple and inexpensive to do; I found some notepads, and printed out all the quotes, and cut them and glued them in to create a little positive book of writer good cheer, encouragement and inspiration, that we can all refer to when we need a dose of reassurance. 

I’ve also left pages, so when we each find more inspirational quotes or article, we can share them and add them to our books. 


Maybe it’s a little sill, or even just another form of procrastination. But if it is, it is a bit of silly positive procrastination, and in these times, that is no bad thing!

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