Friday 30 December 2011

Fairy Tales they just keep coming… 2012; Year of the Fairy Tale Part 2

Fairy Tales they just keep coming… 2012; Year of the Fairy Tale Part 2

So a few weeks ago I did a blog (2012; The Year of the Fairy Tale) about the abundance of fairy tale adaptations and re-working due to come out in 2012, (which is incidentally the year 200th anniversary of the first publication of the Grimm’s Fairytales). Well it turns out there’s a whole load more so here’s a quick round up…

Pinocchio - A stop-motion animated feature film directed by, Pans Labyrinth’s, Guillermo De Terro, with affects by Henderson/Grimly and Music by Nick Cave. Of course De Terro, is no stranger to dark narrative, and it looks like Pinocchio will be do different, with new envisioning, having the Blue Fairy as a dead girls sprit, and Pinocchio having lucid dreams. A release date has not yet been set up the images look amazing.
De Terro, is obviously not content with tackling one fairy tale, as he is also working on a adaption of Beauty and the Beast’ and it has been rumoured that Emily Watson is set to star in the title role.

Another director with great fairy tale potential is Joe Wright director of the dark and fairy tale-esk, Hanna. Wright is set to direct the Sony Movie project Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale based on the book published earlier this year by Carolyn Turgeon.

2013, will see Angelina Jolie, as Maleficent, the evil sorceress in the new Sleeping Beauty feature film call Maleficent. As yet not much is known about the project, but I reckon that Angelina will probably pull off evil sorceress rather well.

It’s not all; big screen the small screen is always in on the action too. This year saw the airing of NBC fairy tale based detective series Grimm, about a Portland detective who starts to get visions of ordinary people turning in to vicious monsters, as a ‘Grimm’ he has to keep the balance between reality and myth, helped by the reformed ‘Big Bad Wolf’.  

So there we have it more fairy tales heading our way in 2012 and 2013, and there is something more confidence inspiring, knowing the likes of De Terro and Wright are involved, as we may actually be in with a chance of some truly dark productions that are sympathetic to the nature of fairy tales. 

Just to round off here's some links to the trailers of some of the  fairy tale Movies coming out in 2012...

Roll on 2012, Year of the Fairy Tale....

....And Happy New Year to you all!


  1. You're definitely plumbed into the zeitgeist, Sally.

  2. Funny isn't it, last few year have been full of superhero's and vampires, and now it good old Fairy Tales!