My Writing

Through Mortal Eyes 
MG Novel - Fantasy

Long-listed for The Times / Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2013
Honorary Mentioned in Undiscovered Voices 2012

Ruby's life consists of studying, working, and looking after her incompetent stepmother and infant half-brother. All this changes when she find a book, 'The Hunters Tale' where The Hunter is on the trail of the dangerous Little Red Riding Hood.

Ruby starts to see a resemblance between a plague of baby deaths in a book and an epidemic that is making infants poorly in real life. She needs to work out whether they are related; are the babies illnesses are caused by disease or the work of a fairytale villain. Will Ruby work out the riddle, in time to save her baby brother?

Journey to The Bone Factory
YA Novel - Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Long-Listed for The Times / Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2014
Highly Commended in the Writing for Children age 13+ competition Winchester Writers Conference 2012

Jack’s life is all about the rules. Rules imposed by his mother. But when the Rag’n’Boners, (the gypsies of the stars) come to the shanty planet Heaven’s Gate, Jack breaks every rule, setting into motion a series of event that shake the galaxy. As Jack journeys to the mysterious abandoned planet; The Bone Factory, a trip to The Library, brings sinister discoveries and he realises his mother may be his most dangerous adversary.

Exquisite Pain
YA Novella - Dark Romance / Fantasy

Exquisite Pain is a dark romance, urban fantasy, following sixteen year old Jon who has Parasitic Sight Syndrome; a condition that means he enters other people’s minds at the point of their death, experiencing it with them, every time he sleeps.  Jon enters the mind of troubled Krystal who is also cursed with a condition that means she un-wittingly bestows hexes on people, and who self-harms to ease her guilt. Krystal is the first person who Jon visits that doesn't die. As Jon falls in love with her, he starts to talk to her when she’s dreaming.  Whilst Krystal, already unstable, starts to doubt her own sanity, as she falls in love with the boy in her mind.